YTHK [1234]
G-words: able acid acme acts aged ages also ants army avid bade bake band beam bean bear beat bent best bias bird blue boat body bold bore born both boys brow bush busy cage cake calm came card care cars case chew clap club clue coat coin cold come corn cost cure dare days deaf deal dear debt deny dial dies diet dish does dogs done dope dove down dumb duty each earn ears east easy envy evil face fact fade fail fair fake fame fast fear felt fend find fine fire firm fish five flag flea fond form foul four from fund fury gain game gate gave gear gift girl give glad gods goes gold gray grey grow hair half hand hard hare harm hate have head heap hear heat help herb herd hero hide hind hire hold hole home hope hour hump hung hunt hurt idea into iota iron jump june just kept kind king know lady laid lake lamb lame lamp land last late laws lean left legs lend lest liar lies life like line lion list live load long lose lost loud love lure made mail main make male many meal mean melt mild mile mind more most move much must name near news next nice nose note once ones only open over pace page paid pain part past pays pear pens pity play plug plum poem pole port pray pure push puts quit race rain rake rang read real reap rest rich ride ring rise road robs rose rude rule runs safe sage said sail sake sale salt same sand sang save self send sent shoe shot show shut side sign sing skin slip slot slow snap soar soda soft soil sold sole some song sore sort soul sour such sued suit sure swim tail take team tear term than them then they this thou tide time tiny toes toil told tomb tone torn town true tune turf turn twin ugly unit upon urge used vain veil verb very vial vice view vote vows wage wand want warm warn wars ways wear went west what when whip whom wife wild wind wipe wire wise wish with word worn
F-names: alex amos andy bert beth carl dale dave dean doug duke earl edna eric erin erma fran fred gary hugo jane jean joey josh june karl kurt kyle lord mary mike noah olin omar paul sean tony troy walt
L-names: byrd ford hope howe hugo lamb lyon more nash nero shaw ward